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Switch to Huckabee Stories

We have become en-slaved by a tax code and enforcement system that has sucked every bit of the freedoms we use to enjoy.

We are faced with voting for the next person whom can see our freedoms restored through the enactment of the Fair Tax and the repeal of the current tax code for individuals, or vote for more of the same power hungry politicians, whom will use the current tax code to further en-slave us, people had better wake up.

Few if any will be celebrating an all important date DEC, 16TH, The day in history when the youth Age 19 and under decided to do the work most of the adults of that day wouldn't do. Tax revolt,

We need to get the tax message as well as the rest of mikes messages in the minds of the young people of today,

I personally would like to see how much we could lower the national debt by the no longer needed paper and the improvement to the environment due to leaving trees alone that the I R S requires to have cut, I would be shocked if an audit revealed any less paper usage since their claims of on line filing is reaching 70/80 %. post offices seem to have truck loads of unused forms going to the dump after April 15th. where's Al Gore??????

TO close, bottom line Fair tax. The other option "We Dont Vote"

Carl & diana Doan

I have a friend who is a yellow dog democrat, she has worked for the DNC traveling the country campaigning for Democrat candidates. She has a perfect record on GOTV for any precincts, district or county that she was responsible for getting out the vote for her candidate.

Yeah she is / was a yellow dog. She has Internet and telephone contact with all political groups all over the United States.

Then early in this campaign she started telling her Republican friends to
watch and listen to Mike Huckabee and give him a chance. To one Southern
Writers Internet Group that she belongs she wrote. "To all my Republican
friends, I ask that you give Mike Huckabee a chance, I am not asking you to commit your vote, but just to listen to him and I think you will be impressed."
She was doing this on every Internet group which she belonged. "Just give him a chance by listening to him." She would post.

Many would say she was just an Arkansan supporting an Arkansan but she would say no, that she was still a Democrat and would vote democrat but for those who are Republican and will Vote Republican to consider Mike Huckabee.

Now she is being inundated with emails and postings not only from her Republican friends but from many Democrats across the nation asking her about Mike Huckabee.
One friend in Washington D.C wrote "I saw Mike Huckabee on television this morning, is he for real?"
She answered, "Yes, he is for real, and quickly dashed off several of Huckabees accomplishments as governor, she always cites Health Care for Children and low income families. ( This is a big issue).

Now she is being asked about Wayne Dumond, and she tells it like it is and even pulls up old news stories including the story done by national media on the case. She always adds that many people thought the sentence had been excessive. This is a non-issue and should not be considered by anyone except the voters in Arkansas who know the whole and real story, not just excerpts the media chooses to use.

This week she had lunch with some other yellow dog women and the conversation turned as usual to politics, and everyone of the ladies said they were impressed with Huckabee and it would depend on who won the Dem nomination who they would vote for in November ... they were assuming that Huckabee would be the Republicans nomination.

A converted yellow dog here as well, if Huckabee is the the nominee.


My name is Matt Lyons. I'm a 31 year old graduate student from Missouri who has "switched to Mike" from Fred Thompson. As a lifelong political junkie, I've been watching this presidential race daily for over a year. One year ago, if someone had asked me who I was supporting, I would have said John McCain. As time went on though, my enthusiasm for Senator McCain's candidacy began to wane, although my respect for him never will.

Then I bought the Fred Thompson candidacy- hook, line, and sinker. As a listened to the debates though, Mike Huckabee kept getting my attention.
Whether it was his resolve on the war against Islamic fascism or his boldness in proposing that the IRS be abolished, I found myself standing up and cheering for Mike! I've decided that only three people can win the GOP nomination. Of those three, Mike Huckabee stands above the rest as a consistent man of courage and principle, with bold ideas all while bringing a different kind of politics that's a breath of fresh air. I encourage Iowans to caucus for Mike on January 3 and for the early primary states like New Hampshire, South Carolina, Michigan, and Florida to listen to what Mike Huckabee has to say. Like me once you hear him, you will "switch to Mike".

Thank you,

Matt Lyons

Springfield, MO

Mike Huckabee is such a breath of fresh air in a world full of corruption. I am voting for him because he is one of few people in politics to possess the two elusive qualities of integrity and common sense. Our country is badly in need of leaders who will make common sense decisions based on a desire to serve the needs of all Americans.

I do not need to agree with him on all issues because I don¹t believe we are best served by choosing our leader simply because he promises to give us everything we want. As long as I trust my president to have my best interest at heart (as well as the skills to lead a country) I can rest knowing that the decisions he makes are for a safe, secure and livable America. I trust Mike Huckabee to make good decisions on my behalf.

I choose my candidates based on their integrity as well as overall leadership and decision-making skills; Mike Huckabee already has a good track-record demonstrating these important skills and values. He has the perfect combination of experience including government leadership, church leadership, and down-to-earth life experiences. Future President Huckabee has convinced me that he is the answer to our country¹s problems.

PLEASE REGISTER TO VOTE: WA & OR residents go to my website & click on "Resources" link. Scroll to "Voting in Accessible Format" & click on your state for easy access.

Joanne Laurent

Certified Orientation and Mobility Specialist

My Mike Testimony

I had never even heard of Mike Huckabee until Steven Colbert announced he was running for president and mentioned that was considering Mike Huckabee for vice-president. I decided to look up who Huckabee was. The more I read about him, the more I liked him. I started researching him, watching his television appearances, and even watched the Florida debate (something I would have never normally done). I have never in my life voted! I have never trusted politicians and felt that my vote wouldn¹t matter anyways. Mike changed my views. Now I passionately watch the news reports and daily check Mike¹s website to see when he will next be on T.V. and how his fundraising is going. Mike is the only candidate that not just talking about America¹s problems, he¹s coming up with solutions! My husband and I have gotten so sick of America¹s capitalist culture that we had decided to move out of the country in a year so that we could finally get decent healthcare and be in a country were the people came first. If Mike wins, we will proudly stay and enjoy the show as Mike brings family values back to our country! America is only great because we have faith in God!

Mike, we are praying for you!!!!
Ashley and Travis Hostetter

When I was introduced to Mike during the first debate, I notcied his professionalism, intelligence, and peace. He was not fighting for first place like the others. When he began answering the questions, I realized he has a solid foundation built on the same Rock my foundation is built on.
When the others tried to nail him on difficult questions, he confidently, intelligently, and professionally answered according to what he believes is right, not simply defending prior actions. The immigration issue is a tough issue, not always having simple right and wrong answers - after all, it is human life we are dealing with, regardless of their nationality. The right to life applies to all nationalities and races, yet we as Americans have certain constitutional rights that do not belong to foreigners. This creates an extremely difficult issue to deal with politically. My daughter is a lawyer in Washington DC with a heart for immigration, and her situations are heart wrenching. (But she has been liberalized by law school, so I will definitely send her your emails and sites.) Even the tax issue is not always black and white, though no one wants to pay more money to the government, especially with all the waste.

Since Mike's name is similar to Eisenhower's nickname Ike, perhaps you could pull some of the old Ike campaign slogans - a subtle insinuation of similarity to Dwight Eisenhower. I will certainly do whatever I physically can for the campaign. I belong to the largest Baptist church in the area, and our pastor has much influence over the evangelical community in this area. I believe he (Pastor Ken Whitten) was president of the Florida SBC recently. We are a politically involved congregation, but of course we cannot endorse a candidate. The local candidates are all invited to our church near election time. They set up a table in the foyer and talk to the people, and then they attend a service. It gets very interesting! A presidential candidate has never come, and in fact I do not know if they have ever been invited. Check out our web site if you would like. It is .

The other candidates pale in comparison to Mike, but unfortunately much of our country is blind to so many things. May God bless you, I will be praying for Mike and helping as much as I can. Money is always an issue in everything in life and I hope the campaign funds will be there, but there is a Power that will escort Mike to the top if it is His will. And if it is His will, then the money will arrive. MIke is an answer to my prayers.


June Heitzman, Tampa, Florida

Mike; I recently took my name off your list for the letter because I was
disappointed in your always asking for money like the others when I believe money and the horrible greed in this country are the real issue. If we had our troops that are all over the world stationed on our borders and Americans made their own goods and never mind Chinese , made in Korea etc.
If an illegal immagrant wants to become a citizen make it a policy that he or she serves 3 years in the military learning what this country is all about. When you have served your tour of duty then become a citizen in the country you helped protect. I am a 2 year veteran of Vietnam and that was not only what I did but I was proud to do it. Now I am told that the health care I was promised when I joined and my social security retirement are on the line and I am a bum for wanting this stuff from the government I was promised back in 1967, but I do still love America.
I don't like the horrible greed that has befallen us but people are very selfish and un-caring this day in time. Mike , I think as a man of God and a believer you are still the right man for the job and you have my vote.

If anyone reads this I will be surprised but Thanks for listening.
A poor boy in Kentucky and his 88 year old Mom

I have been praying for a while that God would raise up a candidate that I could vote for in good conscience. I have concerns about Guiliani, McCain, and Romney. My concerns for Romney do not have to do with him being a mormon, but I don¹t like what I heard in the debates┼ásomeone who has to ³consult² others before making a decision or defining a position. When asked about war powers he said he would consult attorneys. This comes from his corporate days, but I don¹t think that works as president.

So, after praying and losing hope that there wouldn¹t be a true conservative that could be nominated or even win, we heard Mr. Huckabee on a talk show.
My husband and I agreed with everything he said, and we both said, ³wow², this guy could really be good. Then I heard that he graduated from Ouchita Baptist University. My daughter attends that school, and I respect everyone Ive ever met that is associated with that school. Christian values are taught at that school, and the grads are truly person of integrity.

As I watch him rise in the polls I think of the verse that says ³if God is for you, who can be against you?² I also think of the old testament examples of timews when God showed his power by defeating enemies when the odds were against His people. If Christians ask God for a leader after His own heart I believe he will give us one, and I am praying that Mr.
Huckabee¹s surge is a testament to that fact!

It wont be easy, as there will be relentless attacks on his character. There will be lies and accusations and we need to pray that God will protect Mr.
Huckabee from these attacks, or help him respond as Jesus did to his numerous attacks.

Thank you for this forum,

Kim Kuykendall
Leonard, TX 75452

I changed to Mike Huckabee because I have become convinced through the debates and internet interviews that he is a quality candidate with deep convictions about things that matter to the people I serve as a pastor. I would love for him to come to our town and speak at a rally that I would be glad to organize.

On your team,

Dannie Williams
First Baptist Church
Lyons, Georgia

My name is Tom James and I pastor a church in middle America (Kentucky). I believed several months ago that Fred Thompson was the only hope I had as a social conservative. Many issues that are near and dear to me I found myself on the opposite side of the fence from what I thought were all of the leading voices running for President on the Republican side. I hoped that Fred would run for office and was elated the day he announced. But as the campaign has progressed I have become more and more aware of the views that Mike Huckabee holds dear and the policies he would implement as President. The thing that encourages me the most is his character. He seems to be a genuine man who is refreshingly honest in his views. He also is highly intelligent as witnessed by his great performances in the nationally televised debates as well as his articulate appearances on shows like the Today Show where shall we say he is often treated as less than friendly. For the life of me I cannot understand why many leading evangelicals have chosen to endorse others for President; to me Mike is not only the logical choice but the best man for the job. The fact he spent hard to come by campaign money just to wish people a Merry Christmas, for me at least was the icing on the cake. I had already made up my mind but I wish to formally announce “I made the switch; I’m voting for Mike Huckabee.”


Tom James
Sr Pastor – Eastwood Baptist Church, Bowling Green, KY

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