Friday, December 21, 2007

How Far Will Mitt Go To Become President?

Recently, Gov. Romney claimed that he saw his father march with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Then he claimed that he only saw them walk together "in the figurative sense."

With Mitt Romney, I suppose it all depends on what the definition of "saw" is.

Gov. Romney claims to have donned the mantle of Ronald Reagan. However, with hair-splitting like this, he is beginning to sound like Bill Clinton.

Mitt Romney has already demonstrated his propensity to stretch the truth in order to get elected. Months ago, he said that he was a lifelong hunter---even though he had only been hunting twice in his life: once as a teenager and once this past year.

This time he does it with the issue of race---in the same week, no less, as his misty-eyed interview on Meet the Press where he claimed to have cried when his church finally allowed African-Americans to join after more than 100 years of segregation.

Makes you wonder, doesn't it? If he is capable of using Clinton-speak to describe how he saw his father march with Dr. King, then perhaps he is capable of rewriting his own personal history when it comes to how he cried over the admission of African-Americans into his church denomination.

(BTW, when Ted Kennedy raised the same issues in 1994 during their hotly contested senate race, I don't recall him mentioning any tears.)

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Tennessean4Huck said...

It is obvious that Mitt is willing to go as far as he has to to try and become President. The only problem is, Americans aren't buying him, and he's not able to buy them.