Monday, November 19, 2007

Truth Squad: A Letter From Rick Calhoun, Former Chairman of the Arkansas Eagle Forum

Dear Conservative Friends:

Let me go on record as supporting Mike Huckabee for President of the United States. Now is the time for Christian conservatives to unite behind the only candidate in the upcoming presidential contest who shares our values and vision for America.

As a former Chairman and board member of Eagle Forum of Arkansas, I authored many newsletters that stated: "Eagle Forum of Arkansas embraces a set of values based on Christian principle and Biblical authority. These values must always serve as our guide." These ideals have delivered political success and blessed evangelicals with influence in national politics. Have we forgotten the Reagan Revolution that changed the course of America?

Former Governor Huckabee shares the values that have always guided Christian conservatives. I am disappointed by attacks launched against Governor Huckabee by a few members of the evangelical community.

Mike Huckabee is our best hope to continue the progress the Christian community has made in recent years. His record is solid on the issues we as Christian conservatives are called to uphold. His record on social issues while Governor of Arkansas speaks for itself. But he is also more than pro-life and pro-family. He worked to implement accountability and efficiency in government and understands the link between economic growth and lower taxes.

I have always admired, and certainly learned from, the way Governor Huckabee treats others and the respect he shows for all - Republican and Democrat alike. I have witnessed first hand his unique ability to work with everyone and the Christian attitude he displays when dealing with those with whom he disagrees. We will never change the hearts and minds of America with hateful remarks or disparaging judgments, but rather by lifting up those Godly principles that we know to be true.

Politics is a natural extension of society's values and government will always be a reflection of our beliefs - that is why we need to elect as President a man who shares our commitment to traditional values. It's time for Christian conservatives to unite behind Mike Huckabee - the only candidate shown to be consistent with the values of the Christian community.

Faithfully yours,

Patrick "Rick" Calhoun

Rick Calhoun is an Investment Banker and First Vice President of a regional securities firm in Little Rock. He has served on the board of the Arkansas Policy Foundation, Murphy Commission, and is a former Chairman of Eagle Forum of Arkansas.

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