Wednesday, November 21, 2007

GMA: The Road to 08'


Anonymous said...

Gov. Huckabee's response on his treatment of illegal aliens is an airtight opening statement on how he views the problem, and worth hearing.

Mrs. B. said...

Illegal aliens is 1 of my biggest concerns. I want those who've applied legally, to be the first to be allowed into my country.

Anonymous said...

Gov. Huckabee,
I am wondering why you supported the idea when you were Governor that illegals get a break for college tuition cheaper than students of regular Americans? If you are for border control and stopping illegals from coming into this country, why would you support college tuition breaks for them?

Sarah said...

A candidate who cares about six year olds in poverty more than a "conservative" reputation. I like you, Mike. Keep doing what is right. Loving people.

Anonymous said...

The Gov. explanation of the scholarship is weel documented. Go read it. It is a well thought out approach.

Chris said...

Gov. Huckabee,

I've been talking about you to people at my job. Initially, they said they never heard of you. Then within a week, they have seen you "everywhere" I appreciate your focus on eating right and exercise. Our hedonistic society tends to look for "quick fixes" this however is the best fix.
Our bodies are God-designed to stave off illness, but when we put junk in, it decreases that immune response.
The less you are sick, the fewer times you need to seek medical help. In the last five years I have required zero doctor visits due to illness. That is how we lower medical costs.

David in Missouri said...

In response to the comment about why Gov. Huckabee would allow college tuition breaks for illegal aliens. Gov. Huckabee responded to this in a video and I will try and give an explanation of what he said in summary. Basically, he says that the ones who are breaking the law are the parents. The parents come over illegaly and they bring their children with them. Gov. Huckabee says that we shouldn't punish a child for thier parent's wrongdoing and that the children of the illegal immagrants should still have the oppurtunity for tuition breaks if they work hard and get good grades while they are in highschool. Also, to my knowledge, these illegal aliens weren't recieving better tuition breaks than legal americans. It was my understanding that they were entitled to the same breaks as legal citizens.

Eric Worthington said...

In respose to anonymous.
Gov. Huckabee supported the idea that in state children of illegal immigrants, (which every state is federally mandated to educate) be allowed acccess to the same in state college tuition breaks as other in state students. They had to have been in Arkansas public schools, achieved the academic excellence required to apply, and had to have begun the American citizenship application process.

Anonymous said...

He didn't give illegals breaks over regular Americans. The kids with the best grades and extra curriculars got the scholarship. If a child turned out to be a child of an illegal they had to apply for citizenship. If they didn't, the scholarship was withdrawn. How is this bad? Should not every hardworking student be rewarded?

Anonymous said...

Gov. Huckabee did not support cheaper tuition for children of illegal aliens. He offered in-state tuition rates -- the same rates as "regular Americans" -- to the children who had been in Arkansas schools all their life and who were in the process of becoming citizens.

jeremy said...

anon #2
Here's the deal. Huckabee wasn't in support of blanket tuition breaks to illegals. Rather he was in favor of tuition breaks to children of illegals, who went to Arkansas schools, who want to become citizens.
I think that is vastly different than the idea "that illegals get a break for college tuition cheaper than students of regular Americans."
Besides, haven't you ever heard of resident and non-resident tuition rates?

Michael Satterlee said...

Anonymous Wrote: Gov. Huckabee, I am wondering why you supported the idea when you were Governor that illegals get a break for college tuition cheaper than students of regular Americans?

As I understand it, Mike Huckabee's position was and is that the children of illegal immigrants did not break the law. Their parents did. Mike said that if a student's parents brought them here as a small child and then enrolled them in our schools and if that student did very well in school they should be entitled to receive the same scholarships, based on their academic achievements, as other students. Not special scholarships but the same scholarships. Mike also said that in order to receive the scholarship he or she had earned the now 18 plus year old student would have to be in the process of applying for citizenship.

Mike's reasoning is that it is never right to punish children for the crimes of their parents. If a father robs a bank do you tell his child that he or she is not eligible to receive an academic scholarship because of their parent's crime? Of course not. Why then would you say that same thing to a student whose parents crossed the border illegally? There are millions of illegal immigrants in this country. Mike has no tolerance for those who break our laws. But the children of these illegal immigrants did not break our laws. Their parents did. Mike has a heart for children. I think that is a good thing.

PJ said...

Huckabee has a heart for every living, breathing soul!!! (BUT THAT DOESN'T MAKE HIM A PUSH-OVER!) HEY, Nobody with a decent conscience would penalize a child - even if the child's parents are the guilty ones.
If someone - illegal or not - is ALREADY on your doorstep AND there is NO LAW in place on HOW TO DEAL WITH THEM (caused by unfocused leadership on THE VERY TOP) Then what? Let them starve? Stop educating their kids? Stick them all in Jail?
All of America's Hands are Tied Until the Boss' on Top Not only Agree to Close the Boarder BUT DO IT!!!
After that. It's an issue of HAVING CONSISTENT ENFORCEMENT. HUCKABEE is the only candidate who can and will deal with this issue effectively....Why? Because He has Heart for Everyone!!!

Anonymous said...

I believe he's made it quite clear that to qualify for those tuition breaks they had to become citizens first, if they weren't already.

It's the CHILDREN of the illegal immigrants who this is for. The children didn't do anything wrong, you can't punish them for something they had no control over.

Or maybe you'd rather have the children of illegals stay in the shadows their whole lives, living off the system, instead of becoming productive members of society and taxpayers.

Mike has been clear on NO AMNESTY and a SECURE BORDER.

Anonymous said...

Mike is the man!

D Shoup said...

Do we as Americans always punished the children of parents who have broken federal laws? That’s not what this country is founded on!

I would rather punish the highly compensated law makers who look the other way and make it possible for the emergent to enter the US illegally.

I view our politician’s carelessness of leaving the borders open the same as our politicians leaving the front door and cash vault open to a large Bank, but if any underprivileged soul dare enter and help them selves the politicians blame the underprivileged and not accepted any responsibility.

I say the illegal aliens only responded to our Government opening door of an unguarded bank vault and the people came and helped them selves.

I’m for not allowing illegal aliens the privilege of voting, because they broke a federal law, sealing the borders, and helping them return to their native country or allow them to get in line at the INS and seek legal documentation.

Jeff said...

All this talk about illegal aliens. Did you not see the commercial? Hickabee is going to secure the borders like no other ever has...Two Words "Chuck Norris" Go Mike...Go!!!!

RS Wood said...

Illegals didn't get a greater break than Arkansas residents. They qualified for the same benefits if they a.)excelled *and* b.)were on the path to citizenship, meaning they wanted to become tax-paying productive Americans. Sounds fair to me.

He's for a border fence, against amnesty, and against sanctuary cities. That's about as pro-immigration control as anyone can realistically want without starting to be hateful.

mrs. bb said...

In regards to Anonymous @ 8:06
Governor Huckabee did not support a colleage tuition "break" for illegals. This is in regards to the merit scholarships. He supported giving them equal access to the scholarships IF they applied for citizenship, and IF they qualified on merit basis. There wer no breaks for them, just equal treatment once they applied for citizenship. There is alot of mistaken information regarding this issue, but you can find answers to whatever your questions at
I personally have never been so excited about a candidate. He has integrity, is forthcoming and, I
believe, is the real deal. He message is about hope and building America up, not tearing down the other candidates. Just go check him out. You'll be pleased.
Mrs. bb

Anonymous said...

To say that he supported cheaper tuition for illegals than Americans is a Romney/Thompson smear. Romney allowed sanctuary cities in his state while he was gov and Thompson has never had executive experience.

Huckabee supported MERIT based scholarships for children who had gone through the Arkansas schools to CONTINUE going through the Arkansas schools. Children of illegals were not singled out for preferential treatment or for punishment.

As he said, if the Federal gov completely fails in its job to secure the borders, are we supposed to put our foot on the neck of the 6 year old who has not broken the law? If the GOP says yes, they deserve to lose.

Jeff said...

It appears that many are getting confused by illegal aliens and the children of illegal aliens. Mike Huckabee does not desire to punish children who excel academically and just happen to have parents who are illegal, or brought them here Illegally. Mike is looking at our immigration issues responsibly and recognized as the Governor of Arkansas that he was not in a position to address the federal issue, but he could address the issue of children who perform well in school to be able to qualify for scholarships for education even though their parents are illegal. He didn't give any scholarships or money to the parents.

Mary said...

Another fascinating aspect of Huckabee's plans involves the Fair Tax, and how it relates to illegal immigrants and other tax-avoiders in our country (drug dealers, and others involved in illegal activities).

I won't try to give a complete description of the Fair Tax (see but everyone would be taxed equally under this consumer-tax system. It would entirely eliminate the income tax, Social Security,Medicare, and self-employment taxes, and all taxes on productivity (savings, inheritance, capital gains, etc.).

Citizens will receive a "pre-bate" each month, to reimburse them for the taxes they have paid, up to the poverty level. Non-citizens would not receive the pre-bate, thus all new goods they purchase would be taxed at the 23% rate with no reimbursement. They'd truly become "taxpayers instead of tax-takers."

That, along with the penalties on employers who hire illegals, would be strong incentive for illegals to go home or get legal.